North Atlantic pelagic fish have been a cornerstone of the Norwegian and European diet for several thousand years. North atlantic pelagic fish is known for its high fatty content and nutritional value in especially Omega-3 EPA/DHA content and now in recent years the discovery of health benefits of Cetoleic acid. Grøntvedt Biotech`s CETO3™ product is a uniquely fresh and high-quality Omega-11 & Omega-3 product derived from North Atlantic pelagic fish. Our unique immediate process enables us to make CETO3™ oil with no taste, smell, or unppleasent reflux.


Our CETO3™ product contains high levels Omega-11 & Omega-3 EPA/DHA. High levels of Omega-11 is uniquely found in North Atlantic pelagic fish.Omega-11 have proven to stimulates the human bodies own production of EPA/DHA. Grøntvedt Biotech immediate productions method secures a fresh product with brilliant sensory qualities which enables CETO3™ to be taken as a liquide and in capsule form. All pelagic fish is low on environmental pollutants as they swim neither close to the bottom or near the shore. This ensures that our CETO3™ is low on environmental pollutants.

Cetoleic acid/Omega-11

In the latest years have we discovered the unique fatty acid and benefits of Cetoleic acid also known as Omega-11. Omega-11 have proven to stimulate the human bodies own production of EPA/DHA. Grøntvedt Biotech is conduction further clinical data to support the science behind Omega-11 and health benefits.

Health Benefits & Science

CETO3™ have many health benefits applications due to its unique composition of Omega-11 & Omega-3 EPA & DHA. Grøntvedt Biotech have developed our own scientific program together with partners which will document the health benefits of our CETO3™ and other new product innovations.

Heart health

With omega-3 that is good for your heart and blood vessels in several ways

Brain health

Adequate levels of omega-3s suppoert proper blood flow in the brain

Joints health

Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation

Skin health

Provides essential proteins and nutrients to hair follicles and skin