Grøntvedt Biotech is a part of Grøntvedt Group. The Grøntvedt family has a long history within the pelagic industry, dating back to the 1830s. Today, it is the 7th generation paving the way into the pelagic future.

Utilizing 100%

From landing and production in Grøntvedt Pelagic, to utilizing the trimmings into fishmeal and fish oil in Grøntvedt Nutri, to raffinating high-quality herring and mackerel oil for human consumption in Grøntvedt Biotech – we do it all in the same location. This unique value chain makes Grøntvedt Biotech at the forefront of producing herring and mackerel oil of exceptional high quality. We are proud to be a part of the World’s first fully integrated pelagic company which utilize 100% of the raw material in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Photography: Tidens Krav Owner: Nordmøre museum

Who we are

We are a Norwegian biotechnology company focused on developing & manufacturing Omega-3 ingredients derived from Norwegian pelagic fish.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the global population with sustainable marine ingredients derived from Pegalic fish.


Biotech is located on the central coast of Norway. The company is located close to the raw material we utilize.

Your trust

Grøntvedt Biotech is the 7th generation Pelagic fish company which innovate and produce traceable and sustainable high quality marine products.

You can find us here

Our strategic location enables us to produce high quality marine products and fish oil from fresh chilled raw materials within minutes. This ensures a unique and exceptionally high quality in addition to reducing environmental emission as a result of reduced transportation.
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