Marine Source

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For generations we have made our living from processing fish from healthy and viable fish stocks, and we take pride in preserving the finest fish from these waters and transform them into quality nutraceuticals for distribution to customers worldwide.


The single most important fish in human history have always been herring. Herring have played a major role in historical and economic development dating back to the fourteenth century. Without herring, there would be far less life in and around the Atlantic Ocean. Herring is a pelagic fish, which means it swims neither near the surface nor near the bottom and it migrates to many different locations during its lifecycle. Norway has always been in the forefront of harvesting the “silver of the sea” and the craftmanship and knowledge has enabled us to ensure our products is of the highest quality possible. The significance of herring can be found in many coastal cities of Norway where this specific species have developed viable and sustainable communities. For generations the herring season have created unity and safety.


In the cold, clear waters of the Norwegian coastline our mackerel has become a common and sought-after catch. It is referred to as “The tiger of the Sea” due to its distinctive shape and coloring. Its body is round and streamlined with a striking green and blue colour, and it has a tiger – like irregular cross bands along its back. The Atlantic mackerel is caught during the autumn when their fat content is at its highest. Loaded with healthy omega-3, antioxidants and protein, this fast -swimming fish is known as a superfood. It will boost your metabolism and improve your health.

How the fish is caught

All fish which is supplied to Grøntvedt is harvested under a Norwegian fishing license and strict quota management control.